Let’s make a rumor because we like football

Listen, anyone that knows me understands my affinity for how far a quarterback can throw a football.  I also appreciate fans that can sling it deep when it comes to making shit up.  It’s like my man Aristotle said “You’re only as good as your funniest fan” and there are some vols for life that made the Kiffin thing possible

CHAPTER 1: The Orgin

This all started with beardguy
This all started with beardguy

Rob Kannington rolled off the double mattress at 7:00 on Thursday and decided against a round of internet porno….instead he knows of a much more intriguing route to engorge his chode.

(He can’t hit the bottom but he can fuck up the sides)

So, he hits up the “I’m hearing” which is something that people do.  but no man is an island…even beardguy. leading us to


Anon baby
Anon baby

Anonymous twitter accounts are fun, especially when they deliver humorous content like

“I heard he was leaving to take his dream job as head janitor at the local Burrito la Casa.”

Get it!? Because he’d have to clean up rocket poop! As though no one shits after eating any other food….but now that our rumor has been IGNITED LIKE THE FIRE CAUSED BY A WAYWARD COKER DEEP BALL.  WE NEED SOMETHING ELSE. WE NEED CONFIRMATION FROM A GUY WITH A FUNNY ABATAR!


Trust me, I'm a man guy
Trust me, I’m a man guy

Now we’re doing this baby,

The” Co-host of on 1180 AM. Creator of . Fan of and sweet tea.”

has given this the final boost it needs to cause the world to shimmy.


I enjoy muppet based pornography as much as the next guy, but balls should ascend and not descend imo.  Kudos to vol fans for the Rumor Thursday fun!

Too bad there qb can’t throw the deep ball.


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