Fearing the deep ball


Athens, GA

October 3, 2015

People spent a lot of time this week discussing a Tropical Storm Hurricane approaching the quaint little town of ass-ends Jawja.  This swirling weapon of destruction packed an ocean of energy into one powerful instrument of death set to reign terror on the antebellum south unseen since Paula Deen was victimized by the liberal media despite having at least 3 black friends. Forecasters say the storm won’t make landfall on the east coast.

Their right, Jacob Coker’s arm will stop in Athens.

Realize if you will all storm concerns shared this week were actually University of Georgia bulldigs fans concerned about the unreal power and destruction that the deep ball brings to America and College football.  3-time Anniston Star reporter of the week Joe Medley said it best in his historical, trend-setting column from 2014.

But there will come that game or two where Alabama needs the long-ball threat to scare a defense.

Here’s the full column if you want some TRUTH

Those games have come…and Defenses are SCARED.

In 2014 Blake Sims tried to throw the deep ball but he’d do it and the defenses would be scrambling to recover and chase after the deep ball. In 2015?

They. Fear. It.

[tweet https://twitter.com/CokerDeepBall/status/650304594560446464]

Think they’d have been there waiting for a weak Sims Deep ball? Nope.  because they didn’t FEAR it.

You don’t win games by people not FEARING you.  That’s the only way to really win in life.

That’s how you win games folks, not by scoring points or getting “receptions” you’ve got to have it embedded deep in your oppponents mind that you’re going to unsheathe your qb’s massive arm and let him guide his balls as far and as hard as possible into the grass field.

Georgia has the fear of the deep ball, and they should be afraid.

Be Very Afriad.

[tweet https://twitter.com/CokerDeepBall/status/649591680677474304]

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