The SEC, Josh Dobbs, and the Book Man

Joshua Dobbs
“Aerospace Engineering” Major Josh Dobbs

The book man excuses himself to take a look outside, he knows that Tennessee Quarterback Joshua Dobbs is waiting in the next room, he is careful and calculating.

He has to be, because Dobbs is too.

He slides yet another book, full of formulas and figures, through the secret book slot installed in the John C. Hodges Library.  The book man understands that the knowledge on the pages is dangerous, but he’s committed to the cause. Every chart and figure locked in the books pages will inch the Tennessee QB closer to his ultimate goal. The Book man tells me that Josh Dobbs is majoring in “Aerospace Engineering” (He really used air quotes).

Here’s the truth, Joshua Dobbs has been studying the physics, radiation, and  societal implications surrounding the Coker Deep Ball.

Technically, this conversation never happened because I won’t reveal this book man’s name. Accordingly, all the other conversations I had with different book men representing different SEC programs over a two-month span never happened.

I’ve been studying the Coker Deep ball for only a year…but through sources that I independently verified and book exchanges that i’ve personally witnessed.  I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt Alabama’s opponents have been engaged in a multi-year mission to understand and evaluate exactly how far Jake can sling it.

I’ll update this story as more develops.


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