Greg McElroy’s Courageous Journey From Embryo to Liberal Media Deep Ball Denier


It’s something that we always hear about but never really see.  It’s not a tangible thing that we can grab, hoist high into the sky and gaze upon like a Coker Deep Ball.

Courage is imaginary like fiction, but it’s as real as the hot Clanton morning sun that glistens on this Saturday…Courage, defines Greg McElroy.

As a fetus, Greg McElroy struggled to provide his mother with any form of push in the pocket so to speak.  His arms were human arms, that you can’t deny…but any contact he made with the womb that was noticed, was limited to kicks.

As he progressed to full term and was birthed that fateful day, the doctor handed him to his mother and Greg heard it for the first time in his life.  The Phrase that would grow to define him even as he became a vital member of the liberal media.

“It’s a boy, but I regret to inform you that this child will be unable to throw the deep ball”

Those words have defined the journey of Gregory Vincent McElroy a man who now enables offensive (Emphasis on offensive) football tactics like slants and screen passes to support his liberal agenda of ninnies with tiny shew arms to deny the deep ball.

I wanted to tell you about his birth first in order to set the tone to tell you the story of how Greg McElroy made the natural transition from “If not for gravity I wouldn’t be able to throw the ball to my feet” quarterback, to “blah blah blah liberal media agenda” Media man.

Greg McElroy walked into his interview office at the giant illuminati liberal media headquarters of the SEC in super liberal Charlotte, North Carolina.

Greg: Hello, My name is Greg McElroy and we were able to utilize liberal media plays to win a national championship in a game where I didn’t even have success by Liberal media standards.

Media Man: You’re hired!

That’s how it happened, folks.